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Transit, drawing

Meguro Moments. Commuters catching the last train home.

by Adrian Hogan

Tokyo — I deliberately missed a couple of trains to avoid the crush and draw the other commuters instead. As I sat on a bench and drew, an elderly woman came up behind me and looked over my shoulder. Fair enough, I suppose!

Transit, Views from a bus


by Michael Silva

Bourne — Leaving Martha’s Vineyard for me has always happened in stages. First there is the trip to the ferry and then the ferry ride itself, but I don’t feel that I’ve completely left until I cross over the B...

Travel, burma, myanmar

Mobile public phones in Burma

by Alex P

Yangon — While waiting for a bus to Mawlamyine. Aung Mingalar terminal. Also wondering how does away with portrait pics :)

Transit, Winter

It's just a little leak. It's just been a little cold.

by Shay Darrach

Toronto — Every time someone complains about the cost of the TTC, I think of things like this. Just a ceiling leak onto the track bed. But there’s not enough money to maintain infrastructure, let alone increase...

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