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Weight, Body Image, Truth

The Truth Behind  the Number and Weight.

by Mariah Hillis

Saskatoon — I have a weight goal, it’s to stay in the range of an ok BMI. I’ve always fallen short of it. Not because of an eating disorder, though one could call it that. I can’t chew anything because my jaw is ...

Truth, God, religion

What is Truth? Is it the One we see or observe OR might it be still unknown to us?

by Pushkar Patil

Nashik — Why are we always looking for truth? Are we so much that dependent on what so called Truth is? What if the concept of truth is entirely different that what we’ve known until now. From so many years ...

Truth, Propaganda, Ethics

Why I left the lone Whatsapp Group?

by Binu Alex

Ahmedabad — I think I was spending a little too much of time in pursuit of truth and disseminating to people who care a hoot. Something of one against many because others are mute spectators or silent supporters ...

Truth, photography, Life

Truth // Honesty

by Mark Ivkovic

York — Yesterday I had a HUGE moment of self realisation in my craft. For whatever reason it happened and I’m so very grateful for it. I’ll admit I was on the boundaries of my comfort zone yet I was creating...

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