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University, Memory, Train

"..there's a train going somewhere you once were.."

by Sairam Krishnan

Chennai — Friday evening at office. Unhurried conversation, weekend plans, the smell of coffee from the pantry. I’m a blue shirt under neon lights. It’s a slow day. I open Facebook, and a few inane scrolls later, a photograph. Of a train turning left on its tracks amidst green country, the misty heights of a hill visible in the distance. I don’t scroll further. The clock stops. Memory starts to tick. T...

University, Architecture

An unexpected trek through the woods and rain leads me here.

by Jordan Clarke

Victoria — All I knew was that the meeting was in a small building on the campus of Royal Roads University. I figured I would arrive and the building would just be there, waiting for me. Not exactly. This photo...

University, Overwatch, Visual Novels

RIP Tom Ellard (And USYD merger)

by Alan Wen

Kensington — Sitting in on a 2041 lecture. Learning about filters in UNIX. Laptop is out of power (thanks Toshiba). Just got my ass handed to me in Yugioh by Aaron. Need to buff up. Went to the Microsoft Tech ta...

home, Love, University

Love on the defensive.

by Samantha Harrington

Chapel hill — You don’t discover the weary scratches of corruption right away. They’re enveloped in this glittery air of confidence and order. You think you finally know perfection. You fall madly in love. But the...

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