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Commutes, Urbanism, Terrorism

Morning commute. Mind you, this is not the country side, this is the city center of Ethiopia's capital!

by Peter Nacken

Addis ababa — … to be fair, Addis Ababa is currently under construction … has been for years and no end in sight. This particular spot is know as ‘Mexico Square’ and currently looks more like a crater. They are working on setting up a light rail train system. Who would have known, when I took this photo, what news this day would bring. There was a bomb blast yesterday in a neighborhood known as ‘Little Som...

places, Politics, Urbanism

The best way for Rob Ford (or any of us) to start rebuilding Toronto

by Shane Schick

Toronto — Unless you have kids — your own, your siblings’, or perhaps a friend’s kids you’re entertaining for the day — you may never have reason to visit the LegoLand Discovery Centre. Assuming he continues ...

Art, Propaganda, Urbanism

The age of revolution

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — I had seen this a thousand times. It’s right across a place where I regularly shop. But on this evening, in this moment, a sundial, consisting of the sun and a light post, cast its shadow in just the ...

cars, Adulthood, Urbanism


by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Völklingen — Nothing prepared you more thoroughly for adulthood than cars. They were big and important, essential even. Owning a car was proof of being an adult, a serious person, someone to be reckoned with. True...

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