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The Small Things, Fresh, village

Small Blessings # 1: fresh air - 24/7 365

by David Wade Chambers

Aireys inlet — In my old age I have become something of a fresh air fanatic. My bedroom has a screen door that allows the sea breeze to sweep in overnight. Admittedly for much of the year I have to snuggle under what my grandmother Pearl would have called a ‘down comforter’, my one extravagance being a duvet and pillow stuffed only with the softest white goose down. There are still a few places in the world w...

Culture, Identity, history

Practically Forgotten

by Carla D

Salaparuta — “When lifestyle, livelihood, social connections, belonging, knowledge, power, prestige, esteem, the roof over your head, the ground beneath your feet, your history, your traditions, your language, you...

Journalism, village, greater China

San Tin

by Dallas Sanders

Hong kong — Rita Lee has lived most of her life in the small village of San Tin, a 5 minute bus ride to the Lok Ma Chau border with China. She talks about how the land in front of her small shop use to be green r...

Travel, Bicycles, childhood


by So-Shan Au

Shenzhen — Whilst on my trip to China, I found myself in Shenzhen, the city my parents are from. It was too good an opportunity not to visit my father’s childhood village. Our driver was pleased to be able to sp...

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