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A daily walk

by Samuel Alomenu

Accra — Skies. Paths leading where we know not. Sometimes when I wake up. I walk. I just take a path without really worrying about where exactly it leads. The purpose of the walk is to walk; feeling the eart...

nature, walks, san francisco

Lattes & Light

by John McAlester

San francisco — I’m usually inside my head with the deep “Whuh, Whuh” of my own breath and whatever uptempo house track is being pumped into my ears from my headphones as I run the curves of this Andy Goldsworthy Pie...


The long walk.

by Craig Mod

Windsor — It really is a long walk. So long. A straight shot out from Windsor castle. With your back to the castle it goes to the horizon — far off, ending with a statue. My friend told me about it but I forgo...

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