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The first thing I noticed when I arrived at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport on Wednesday were the balloons.

by Kati Krause

Tel aviv — Everyone waiting at the arrivals gate seemed to have them. They were attached to prams and backpacks, tied around toddlers’ arms, and clustering on the ceiling. The usual atmosphere at airport arrival gates is hurried, impersonal, a sense of people very impatient to get away. At Ben Gurion, the arrivals gate felt like a big family gathering, as if every single person here had come to pick up much-...

Weddings, Travel

A secret wedding

by Christine Herrin

Vancouver — We had exchanged fake goodbyes just a week before. See you in December—I’ll be back for Christmas! I’ll miss you! See you online! What other people didn’t know was that we were all going to see eac...


Adorable Japanese dads

by Christine Herrin

Makati — Gotta love weddings. Last night’s was one of my favorite ones in a while, and I started mentally taking notes in case I ever have to plan my own. Jazz band? Check. No cheesy singles games? Check. (an...

Weddings, photography, sunsets

Real or just pretending?

by Steve Dearden

Valencia — We were driving back from Valencia and took a detour to see the lake. We didn’t expect the sunset, we didn’t expect the row of photographers lined up with their tripods, we didn’t expect the couple o...

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