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wildlife, Rescued

Meet Echo. This little guy is my buddy.

by Mark Lopresto

University heights — Echo was rescued from a kind individual who witnessed him being pummeled by a middle aged man simply because he was in the man’s garbage pile. Echo no longer has the use of his front legs. He was beat so intensely, his scapula is shoved up two inches beyond where it should set. Through his strife and struggle with the human race, he remains strong and routinely comes out of his cage to chase the...

wildlife, spring

Now where did I leave that nut???

by Adrian Tribe

London — I stood watching this squirrel for a while in Tavistock Square the other day (see also ‘Having a gander at Ghandi’ and ‘Spring blossom’). He was scampering around, pausing, scraping at the ground for...

nature, wildlife, motherhood

There are many things I don't know about tigers, but to my 21-month-old daughter, I'm the encyclopedia.

by Shiloah Matic-Ma

Rodriguez — I walk closer to their enclosures, carrying her. Up until today, she has called them lions ninety-five percent of the time, lions being the more common jungle cat of choice in toddler literature and p...

wildlife, Africa, Camping

Elephant Sands Lodge - Meet your fellow campers...

by Judson Duryea

Tutume — You know you are in for a treat when you have to sign an indemnity form before you even set up your tents. The lodge is not liable for any damages the elephants may cause. In the middle of the Kalah...

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