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How we eat, wine, stories

What happens when a New Orleans chef finds pirate wine & Szechuan food side-by-side? Joyful mischief ensues...

by Chris DeBarr

Portland — We are all searching for our tribe whenever circumstances propel this one & only life we each & every unique one of us carry, like a hobo knapsack of our dreams & achievements & all the tastes we each have learned to love, toward new shores or unfamiliar lands. Finding one’s tribe, where we can unpack the motley collection of our soulful hobo belongings & share, is one of the m...

wine, climate change, poetry

Minerve, the cliffs where vineyards grow upon rocks, silence, and ancient prayers left by long ago violence...

by Chris DeBarr

Portland — People often ask writers, “Where do you get your ideas?” which is always an impossible question to untangle the threads of what personal tectonic shifts happen within my spheres that cause an eruption...

wine, farming, Brunch

Grits & Gris, pirate banter, and things that were saved from "lost & found..."

by Chris DeBarr

Portland — I always enjoy meeting up with Matthew Rorick, the poetic brainchild behind Forlorn Hope. He and Hardy of Dirty&Rowdy came to PDX where I caught up to them at Storyteller Wines, run by the brillia...

How we eat, wine, stories a meadow of vines, greeting the unexpected, the weird & the wonderful.

by Chris DeBarr

Gaston — After a lifetime of drinking, selling and cooking for the pleasures of the table, finally I met the land of fabled vines…the first of a series of explorations. This is the first wine I drank from v...

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