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Travel, Wonder

You belong to the world, and the world is in you.

by Aaron Palabyab

Lungsod quezon — Finally finished and shared my film, a heartfelt ode to travel, inspired by my two months traveling in Latin America. My buddy Christine Herrin did a wonderful job with the handwritten lettering you see in the picture. The following is a transcript of the words I speak over the video: TO THOSE WHO WOULD SEE WONDERFUL THINGS Someone once told me that those who would see wonderful things must ofte...

Wonder, Life, Thoughts

A heart this full, in the middle of a journey this uncertain. Maybe this is how it should be.

by Aaron Palabyab

Mandalay — When I was a teenager, I have a distinct memory of being afraid of things inevitably going bad whenever things were going suspiciously well. As if life were a zero-sum game of happiness and sadness. I...

Christmas, Winter, Wonder

The jolly season. It's this time of the year. Smell of Christmas tree and glögg, Christmas baking

by Anna Frejlev

Hellerup — Family cooking books, gifts are wrapped, snowflakes cutted out of paper and dangling on invisible strings. Songs older then I am, happy and loud from every window. People smiling. The jolly season whe...

Wonder, sad, Love

Wondering if she misses me

by Elena Hazzard

Bend — I wonder if she misses me. I wonder if she knows I missed her. We used to email every day, during every class, until the last secound at night, and the first secounds into the morning. She was my girl...

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