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The fact of having a body

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — When I saw the stage, my heart sank. It was all black, and observing the dancers go through their warm ups in rather dark, casual attire convinced me light and contrast would be scarce commodities that evening. But an assignment is an assignment, and I decided to just hope for the best. The dancers’ clothing for the real dress rehearsal was casual too, but way more camera friendly than what they ...

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I Don’t Think He Understands What I Do

by Laura Brady

Caledon — So I took on this huge project, a bit foolishly. I definitely bit off more than I can chew. Twelve-hundred ebooks in about three weeks. Doing the work in my own private sweatshop where the working con...

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After so many sunrises and sunsets across the world, I feel richer than I've ever imagined.

by Aaron Palabyab

Old bagan — I don’t really know what I’m doing right, but ever since I made the decision to stop going with the flow in my life because it was taking me somewhere I didn’t want to go, and instead orient myself to...

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It'll get better. But it's gonna hurt first.

by Donovan Bui

Newport beach — Today was the most disappointing day of my professional career. I spent most of the afternoon trying to hide my embarrassment behind a forced smile. I don’t think I fooled many. When I got home I wan...

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