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A love affair with World radio stations

by Ricardo Magalhães

London — “I don’t think I’ve ever turned the radio on my car; there’s always a CD playing.” — I remember saying this to some people, when I was back in Portugal and still driving my car around. For almost two years, this was true; I never cared for radio and its usually awful, tasteless, commercial music that made me cringe and crave for the sweeter sound of loud car horns. The honk of a Fiat Punto over R...

World, People

It's a Wondrous World

by Laura Vivas

Prescott — It’s a wondrous world. We live in a place where running around and staying busy are the most common forms of self-destruction. We live in place where things are taken for granted. People search their ...

Paris, World, Love

I know I will see Paris again. I hope it's soon.

by Donovan Bui

Huntington beach — This is my favorite place in the whole wide world. To soak in all of Trocadero, I had to look up a lot. At the Eiffel Tower standing still beneath the shifting clouds, at the water shooting out above ...

Ride-sharing, Hitchhiking, Carpooling - A Social Global Community to Share Rides

by Let's Ride -

Pimpri chinchwad — Our mission is to build a community which brings everyone together at one platform to share rides, which in turn reduces the number of vehicles on roads.

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