You can tell the future by looking at the back cover of a book.

February 28th, 2014, 2pm

Yesterday a friend pulled a book out of a shelf in the bar we were at. It was a volume about Pablo Picasso and on the back cover the publisher had the brilliant idea of placing a photo of Picasso’s right hand. My friend shot this picture and I started wondering if our palm lines (Pablo’s and mine) would have some similarities at all, which could led me to think what my future life would be like. I could really relate to this image of me being old and living in the south of somewhere, where the weather is gentle, painting in the morning light next to a sleeping dog while the birds sing outside.

Seems like a great way to end your days. Wondering how you envision yours. Can you draw it?

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Luis Mendo

Drawing myself away in Tokyo. 面倒くさい。

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