This is a beast named Bruiser.

December 18th, 2013, 7pm

It was -3.3°C. There was moderate breeze.

He is a glorious, crazy, free spirited boxer that occasionally comes to visit me. Or more to the point shows up at my apartment and makes it his own world for the time he is here. He is gigantic but doesn’t let that sway him from the belief that he is a lapdog. He does what he wants, precisely when he wants and is a champion of his own destiny. He sometimes can be aggressive and is unconcerned with how that may be perceived by those around him. He is his own dog, and makes no attempts to cover that fact up. He is just like his Mom (apart from her being tiny), and I really hope she decides to stick around, because they both breathe life into me.

David Wade, Adrian and Lloyd said thanks.

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Sean Murphy


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