Trick bike that 12 boys from the Shonhoodoi Circus School can fit on.

December 5th, 2013, 1am

The Shonhoodoi Circus School gives children in Darkhan who have been orphaned or who are left with very little, a chance to learn the circus arts. A woman and her husband run the school and teach the girls and boys from ages 5 to 18 how to juggle, tumble, ride trick bikes and unicycles, perform acrobatics, and perform Mongolian contortion. The school gives the kids something to work towards, and in their new home in the Children’s Park, they also have room to grow. Local businesses have promised to provide hot meals to the kids as well. They’ve been busy performing for a special holiday performance taking place this Sunday at Zaluuchuud Theatre.

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Michelle Borok

I live in Mongolia, write, raise a kid, try to do the right thing, and avoid eating horse meat.

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