Almost at the end of the Hub's 60 day challenge, finally realized where I got stuck in my business-model

December 5th, 2013, 1pm

It was 8°C with few clouds. The wind was wild.

I’ve been part of the Hub’s 60 day challenge - a program for startups. And it was here, on the last few days, that I realized that I had been stuck in fear - fear of validating my assumptions, since somehow I already knew there wouldn’t be great results. I was scared that if my original business idea fell apart, everything would fall apart.

But suddenly (after 58 days) I realized that main driver of why I do what I do, is not going anywhere. That I can pivot and turn to a better idea without loosing “everything”, and that maybe the answer was in front of me the whole time.

It’s silly to be thrilled about this finding, but it really does feel as a liberation, and the self-reflection needed was pretty hard, I found out I can be pre-tty stubborn…

I now feel much more comfortable and confident with my new business model, I can see it happening, and I am not afraid of validation. I do think this is a giant leap because it means I’m moving forward.

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Aafke Mertens

Born and raised in Mexico City I moved to Amsterdam 7 years ago. Starting my own company and sharing my days with my dog and sketch book.

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