Why do I feel like it's always the end of the world?

January 24th, 2015, 6pm

It might be wrong because I’m bedridden at the moment, taken down with a bit of flu, but I do believe that I have this permanent feeling like the world is about crumble down. Being bed-bound has left me with time - too much, I must say - and got me thinking about events that have been going on around me these past few weeks (eg. Brother getting engaged, other brother having a new baby, current company where I’m working is folding, parents with health issues, my discovery as to why I’m not in a relationship, my adamant stance on not wanting kids of my own, etc., etc.)

Any normal person will not lose sleep over these things. These are non-issues really but I just can’t stop replaying them in my head over and over. I even messaged an old friend on Facebook this morning which, at first, was only supposed to be a hi-what’s-up-with-your-life-now sort of message since we haven’t chatted in months. But then I ended it with a P.S. of my non-issues. All 6 of them exactly as stated above. She replied with an offer of a meeting over coffee which I cannot agree to at the moment. She probably worried about me at the sight of that unusual hello.

I don’t know why I even bother with these things. I’d like to just get on with my day not having to be bothered with thoughts of my life in general.

Hopefully, maybe - fingers crossed - it’s just the flu messing with my head.

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Maemae Gonzalez

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