Seasonal Affective Ability.

October 23rd, 2013, 3pm

It was 16.1°C with few clouds. The breeze was light.

This week has been terrible. I mean, terrible. So much so that today, when my fifth deal in a week fell through, I took off. I just didn’t go back to the office after lunch. I told the coworker I had gone to lunch with what was up, dropped her in front of our building and headed out with every intention of curling up in a ball at home and feeling sorry for myself all afternoon.

Instead, I turned left out of the parking lot and went to the gym, figuring it was more productive to be angry on a cardio machine. A little while and a lot of sweat later, I was sitting, stretching, on the gym’s balcony, finally calm enough to look around. Today is one of those glorious fall days I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist outside of Colorado: the temperature is supposed to be 65°, but it feels closer to 80° in the sun, with a breeze that promises winter is coming. And the color — the sky is that pure blue it’s supposed to be, and the trees run the spectrum from crimson to palest yellow.

And, suddenly, I’m not mad anymore. I’m not tired, or frustrated, or anything else. I feel good, content.

Granted, I still didn’t go back to work, but maybe today wasn’t a complete loss.

Lia, Jordan, David Wade and Cassie said thanks.

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Caroline Calhoun

Technical recruiter. Coffee addict. Whiskey enthusiast. Sucker for lazy bike rides and the color of fall leaves.

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