Dancing hands

February 3rd, 2015, 8pm

On Tuesday evening I had an opportunity to see (and hear!) a musician I’ve been longing to see live for ages - Phamie Gow - but she hardly ever does live gigs in London (or anywhere, actually!). My daughter and I enjoy her piano music in particular, but she is multi-talented and plays the electric harp and sings, and has composed for bagpipes and accordion too.

Here she is playing her electric harp (which I think she said she calls Black Magic!) - and scroll down to see a video of her playing it: Phamie Gow playing her electric harp

The venue was a pub in south London (Balham) called The Bedford which has free live music four nights a week and does some rather nice food too, which my daughter and I enjoyed as we waited for Phamie to start. The room where the musicians perform (rather grandly called the Globe Theatre!) is a cosy affair, but it means that none of the 20-30 people there on Tuesday night were more than a few feet away from the stage. “Intimate” is the word for this sort of gig I suppose!

Phamie was, of course, excellent, even though she only played for about 30 minutes (as another band was playing the main set after her). And she kindly signed my daughter’s copy of one of her piano music books, which pleased her very much!

Phamie Gow with my daughter

Here’s Phamie playing Dancing Hands on her electric harp:

And here’s a recording I made of her playing one of her piano pieces - called Carousel. I hope you enjoy it!

David Wade, Christine and Ricardo said thanks.

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