I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Myanmar is by far one of my favourite countries! The people there are amazing and the landscape, well, you can see for yourself!

Myself and Greg Annandale spent about 4 days exploring the temples of Bagan, of which there are over 2000. The bigger temples get quite busy during sunset and the one we were standing on, Shwesandaw, was one of the busiest. That said, we got here early and secured the best spot to watch the setting sun.

When the sun dropped behind the temple and the crepuscular rays went on either side of the Mingalazedi Pagoda, everyone around let out an audible gasp, myself included. This was then quickly overtaken by the sound of camera shutters going off.

Lloyd, Paul, David Wade, Akira and 8 others said thanks.

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Conor MacNeill

Fine-art travel photographer, freelance front-end web developer and martial arts instructor. Head to thefella.com to find out more about me.

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