This powder blue castle wedged between brick apartments is a doppelgänger for Granada, Nicaragua's main church!

April 19th, 2013, 7pm

It was 9°C with few clouds. The breeze was gentle.

Or so said the equally lost-looking Canadians as I walked up the south side of the street, trying to find my way to the main road that would take me back to Arsenal stadium. I looked to where they were looking and saw this atypical-for-Islington vibrant blue house. My gaze wandered to the fascia’s apex and settled on the numbers, ‘1883’ inscribed in blue on a white.

Thing is, about this moment, that I’d also been to Granada and seen the church. Sitting in the centre of Granada is the Convento San Francisco. Further research revealed that both buildings were probably under some form of construction at the same time - the convent was rebuilt after a devastating fire and completed in 1885, while the blue house in Islington was completed two years earlier.

I shared this information with the fellow Canadians and they seemed indeed grateful until they learned that not only was I also Canadian, but that I had also been to the Church they spoke of in Nicaragua. Suddenly, I suppose, the secret they held between them - the secret that there was a building on the other side of the world that looked so similar to this one, painted in its wedgwood blue - didn’t seem so special, now that it was shared by another. But I’m happy they so excitedly exclaimed as I was hurriedly passing, ‘that house sure is a doppelgänger for that church we saw last year in Granada, eh?’

Cassie, Chris, Amal and Paul said thanks.

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Jonathan Henning

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