Chromapost Moment #1

June 28th, 2014, 8am

It was 17.2°C. The wind was calm.

”Chromapost is about sharing your feelings. Through color.” Aleksandar Maćašev

One moment is a soft gray, a cool-June-morning-on-your-honeymoon-in-San-Francisco gray, a gray surrounded by dazzling blue and gold and that sweet yellow of a banana cream pie, all the more luscious because you’ve been hiking up and down the hills, lugging books back to your hotel room from City Lights and now you’re hungry, hungry, deeply banana-yellow hungry.

Do you love color? is a social network now in beta test. You visit, you choose a color that matches your feelings, you post. You repeat. You meet others who also love color. You use your colors in graphic art templates. You share to other social media. You repeat. Or not. Try it. — MAB

Shu, Sanna and Lia said thanks.

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Mary-Ann Barton

Caregiver; singer; poet; writing a series of essays about aging and sex.

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