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February 25th, 2016, 7am

How typical! The one morning that I wanted to get to London early, my train was cancelled! Overrunning engineering works were to blame, apparently.

Anyway, by the time I actually arrived at St Pancras it was about 7.30am, giving me just 10 minutes to get across the road and find a suitable vantage point in or near King’s Cross Station. Needless to say, I knew there would be no point in trying to get onto the platform, so I hurried up King’s Boulevard and towards the bridge that crosses all the lines coming out of the station and joined the crowd already waiting.

As you can see from the photograph above, this is not the best place to get a good view! So many girders, cables and wires run across the lines here that it is impossible to get a clear view. But I had no time to look elsewhere, so this had to do. And it was still worth it!

The Flying Scotsman was majestic and magnificent as it puffed its way out of the station, heading north to York on its first passenger journey after a multi-million pound restoration programme to bring it back to good working order. Let’s hope that it comes my way again some time soon, and perhaps then I can find a better vantage point and get a better picture!

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Adrian Tribe

A follower of Jesus Christ, a husband and father, a Kentish Man (not a Man of Kent), a commuter to London

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