Drawing thank you note for 23 amazing ladies who are joining me for a Sunday brunch.

March 28th, 2014, 11pm

Meeting people can be tough when you’re new to a big city. Even when you try to be present at every social activities, networking events, workshops, lecture series, conferences, parties…meeting people can still be a challenge, let alone a new friend. Most of the time, people are either mingling with their friends…or tweeting/facebooking/texting/instagraming/foursquaring…(you get the idea) Hey, even I am guilty of using my cell phone as a safety net. (A friend recently identified me as a sociable introvert.)

This is my fifth year in Toronto. Sadly, I still haven’t formed my “close-knit group of friends”. You know, like Sex and the City or even Girls? Not that I don’t have friends in this city. I actually know quite a lot of people. (being the city organizer of PechaKucha helps) But knowing a lot of people isn’t the same as having a lot of friends.

Two weeks ago, when I was once again struggling to stay in this city, I decided to do something I have never done before - invite 38 female friends/acquaintances to a group brunch. Here is my email:

Hello ladies!

The idea of having a ladies brunch get together has been something I thought about for the longest time, perhaps since I moved to Toronto 5 years ago. I know many of us are always getting invites to evening social network and events (or you’re one of the planners like me). But ultimately, all I really want is to have a group of ladies to hang out, have a nice meal, and talk about silly things.

I know most of you already have your own circle of friends and families to spend your weekend with. But I always think it’s nice to meet new friends through your friends. (Remember how Facebook used to be ? ;-p)

You are included in this email because I treat you as someone I would like to have brunch with, and wouldn’t mind to meet your friend as well. Some of you already know each other, some of you don’t. I think that’s the whole point.

What I am proposing now is our first Spring Brunch on Sun the 30th 11:00am at L’ouvrier. It’s a spacious space and a place where we can dress up. Yup! The dress code: dating attire

It took a bit of time to finally hit the send button. But there’s always a first time for everything. And you never know until you try, even if it means rejection and disappointment.

Peter, Christine, Connie, Trish and 1 more said thanks.

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