Austin in June

June 1st, 2014, 5pm

The air is creamy tomato soup, good for colds and wintry nights, the worst for afternoons in button- down shirts that congeal in my body’s squishiest places, sticky, soggy, sluggish.

The weary ceiling fan is a spoon, meandering through the broth, dragging some of it across the pot, failing to stir the remainder to action. Soup sits, motionless, going bad.

And the sun is a magnifying glass. I am the ant, withering beneath its beam, slowly drowning in this thick’n’creamy, mom-style with whole milk and a grilled cheese on the side, tomato soup afternoon.

They told me Texas would be hot. I didn’t realize it was an state-size skillet.

Christine and Ianne said thanks.

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Sara Ashley

Writer, runner, and a terrible but enthusiastic karaoke star.

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