This is the view I woke up to every morning for last one year & now it's time to say goodbye...

May 13th, 2016, 4pm

My favourite part on any given day would be to get up early (not too early) in the morning, make a cuppa (or not) and sit on the stairs adjacent to my room on the third floor of the hostel, where the cold breeze inevitably blows, no matter how blazing is the sun (early mornings never disappointed me). I could sit here and meditate or just sit here and look endlessly, catch the sunset once in a while, trying to take in the view as much as possible. Each time I would put myself at task of observing something new, maybe spot a bird I hadn’t seen before, the patterns of how birds flew towards east in the morning and towards the west in the evening, or people walking by on the road down below, maybe a friend who is going to the market,think how do I ever get on the top of the hill on the horizon. I could sit here at night too (when the weather was equally pleasant at nights). Pune is blessed with a clear bright sky. Such normalcy has become a luxury. It became an after-dinner ritual of sitting there at night and just be. Sometimes even sit with a friend, or sit down when you are talking over the phone, or sometimes walk up to the place to find that there are already others seated but you love the view so you sit there anyway! Each day was different but the ritual remained the same. Last year I had written about how much I was dreading pack to come back to Pune, and time just flew by! I will miss this view. I am taking back with me the freedom it inspires in the viewer and the peaceful happiness it renders.

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Arushi Chopra

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