Further My Career or Satisfy My Interests?

March 5th, 2014, 5pm

It is the question I am facing right now. I want to do my Master’s Degree but I am not sure in what. I have an offer from the School of Journalism and I am sure to get an offer from the Faculty of Education about the learning how people learn and how to create an environment to help kids to learn. I have been undecided as to which to pursue.

I have a Bachelor in Journalism but it is from 1995 but never really perused a career in the field. I wasn’t confident in my writing or my reporting until the last year. I loved the program because it gave me a number of skills which have helped me throughout my life in politics and education. I was not the best student mostly because I was too immature. It has been a long time since I wrote anything in a journalism form but I want to get back into it again, if only as an interest course. The program will also help me to be aware of where I live and work through interacting with more people beyond education. I have talked to two current students and both gave me both positive and negative opinions on the program. The negative opinions I already know: there are no full time jobs, freelancing has become more challenging as websites offer exposure rather than money, internships are almost non-existent for anything of substance. Once I graduate, the job market, is not that stable and the degree will not help me officially in my current job.

A Masters of Education will help me look for other education jobs and will make me eligible for jobs at international schools, universities or even jobs back home. The program will build on what I have learned through my Post Graduate Diploma in Education. If I loose my job here in Hong Kong it will be easier to get another teaching job with this degree. The only problem is studying this would be boring. The classes will be highly academic which is not what I enjoy. In the end studying this will not be as enjoyable as the Journalism program.

I have until Friday to decide what I want to do. Any suggestions?

Samuel, David Wade and Ragini said thanks.

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