The force field maze.

November 3rd, 2015, 2am

I don’t remember when I entered this labyrinth, or what I had planned to find. The prize in the centre, covered by a nebulous glow, created by layers of clear force fields. I don’t mind though, this maze has given me more then a single man can ask: I just hang paintings as I pass through the hallways; it creates the feeling of coming home when I return to the beginning again. An invisible clock, never heard but always ticking, has almost became unwound. With visions of the future hazy, my silent thoughts must be answered before the wind winds the clock once more. A choice between a chunk of gold and a diamond is dreamt by the unfortunate, but what of the unfortunate us who are blind and seek a different level of perception. I must chose a portrait to hang… I am one of those people made for hell, just… give me a weekend of silence in the top floor suite of the scallop hotel.

Image belongs to who ever owns “Ghost in the shell”

Victoria said thanks.

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Hunter McGregor

A sardonic presence that is probably late for something of unknown importance.

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