Disneyland, Hong Kong makes want to be a child again, riding the colourful horses; all the way on the merry-go-round.

April 26th, 2013, 10am

The gates of Disneyland itself was a trigger for heightened levels of excitement. Ever since childhood tiptoed in and went off quietly, a part of that free phase of our lives, we harbour even being adults. My moment of awe came in, at Disneyland, as Mickey and Minnie danced, a grumpy Donald duck tried to bake a cake, Wendy and Tinkerbel came singing merrily, pushing down memories of Neverland and Far far away into the mind of a young woman. Not just me, but middle aged parents too, who couldn’t get enough of all the rides! Holds so true when they say, ‘It’s never late to go to Disneyland’.

Sanna, Christine and Ragini said thanks.

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Gayatri S

Author. Traveller. highly expressive, roaring appetite for design and books. Biryani addict. Chai binger. Artist. cat-person with bouts of flippancy. Lover.

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