A Walk Among Gewürztraminer Vines... Field Research for Later That Evening...

November 29th, 2014, 12pm

“Performs best in cooler climates”, does this varietal . And so did we. In fact, most drinks here are good performers.

A quick run down on our weekend of alcohol familiarisation in South Tyrol.

  1. Gluhwein. Warm. Red. Wine. Cinnamon and other spicy goodness added. Always good in a hut after a hike, but who needs a hike (or a hut) when there are horse drawn carriages and old men in grey and green felt garb entertaining the crowds with music machines. And brass. There is always a brass band playing at the Christmas markets.
  2. Bombardino. An audacious egg based concoction, which, if you have come to innocently befriend the waiter based on speaking Deutsch and poco-poco Italiano with an Australian twaaang (at the always crowded Wally’s Stand at Brixen’s Christmas market), you will get an extra special shot in the ‘speziale’ version. That one lived up to its name.
  3. St Magdalener. Vernatsch. (which sounds like it should have some pizzazz) A red which quite possibly tipped us over the edge on our first evening…
  4. Lagrein. Quite possibly one of the best in the region. Paired with dinner at Kronenwirt, at the Goldene Krone (crown) hotel.
  5. Hugo. We’ve discovered there are two ways to concoct this stylish drink, one is a little sweeter, with lemon and less bubbles. The other with mint. Best so far was at the bistro-with-the-birch-trunks outside the Abbey at Neustift-Novacella (where the photo was taken). This drink originated here, from the local hollunderbluten/sambuco/elderberry syrup.
  6. Grappa with herbal infusions. I’m familiar with such ‘remedies’ having Croatian origins, but then I tried this one with the roots of a plant (name unknown— and should only be noted in order to avoid in the future) indigenous to the region. I was introduced to this at lunchtime on day 1 in my new office. It’s beyond medicinal; it’s some force of nature yet to be understood.


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