October 2nd, 2014, 10pm

It was 26.7°C with few clouds. The wind was light.

I found it appropriate to be listening to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony while above the clouds headed towards Hawaii. an artist, already deaf by his Fifth Symphony. Yet, what better way to reach such heavenly heights then where he takes me. From vocals, to the timber of his percussions, the amber brass cutting through only the vibrations he can feel and hear. Yet, here I am a gaze to beauty, untouched glory. While he reaches such heights with such handicap, I observe— every color and nuance, shadow to image, vibrancy and highlight. Yet, one day I too as an artist, will lose my sight slowly — already my eye to object to paper is compromised. I even use less line—- shorthand or resonating strike of pen to paper. But how close to expressing praise and glory will I find in my art—- Beethoven only gives me assurance that there is no excuse, no pause to retire.

I journey to such beautiful paradise, I fill out the state required document and contract — that I will visit Hawaii and not introduce anything harmful, uninvited to the desire to keep what is so perfectly made by The Creator— yet formed by such destructive forces as a volcano. Beauty begets beauty, I see. Beethoven hears….and we strive to be one with nature and life’s celebration.

Shu, Nicole and Christine said thanks.

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Mike Ng

Somewhere in my mind. A snicker's bar wrapper, floating on a busy street on Market and 5th. A cloud floating at no speed... saying F__ You... I will take my time if it takes all day and night. A star in that massive galaxy you are gazing at... that just winked at you.

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