Well, it's not that bad. Not that bad at all...

March 27th, 2014, 11am

It was 10°C with few clouds. There was moderate breeze.

I was pretty jealous by some pictures here at Hi.. people working in the sun and yummy food… My day has been a combination of relaxing and annoying moments.

10am: Packing my things and passport, writing mails, scanning the newspaper, and worrying that the dog walker (well the dog carer who takes the dogs to a big field till 4pm) hasn’t arrived, normally they pick him up between 9 and 10.

10:30: Dog walker arrives, agitated, takes dog away and after 10sec comes back furious that the dog got out of his collar (but he made it on his own to the bus). I explain we have made new holes on the collar, and that he’s just furry and very excited to go with her, but she glares (no point saying he never does that with us..). I tell her we also use a harness, she shouts at me that I should put that on him when they come and get him and leaves. I stare at the door.

11am: Arrive at the city hall to get my new passport “sorry ma’am, we open at 1pm on Thursday’s” big sigh and I leave to my next appointment. A cafe near by, and I’m early. The sun is warm and I can work happily on my laptop. I ask and get a scone.

CLICK -Picture taken, upload on Hi. Happy! Working, eating a scone that reminds me of my childhood, and for a second (well a whole 10min) there I forget the whole morning drama!

12am: My meeting goes well but I decide to cancel the other one so I can go back to city hall.

1pm (sharp): Back at city hall, I wait some 30min to get to the attention desk. I didn’t bring my ID- and no driving license doesn’t count- typical. “Please come back tomorrow, and yes you have to get back in the line.”

3pm: At another workspace in the city. Well, it’s not that bad. In between everything I have been able to work, enjoy the sun, eat a great scone and probably can get a beer with a friend before I go back home and walk my furry friend who will smile at me and tell me all about his day (yeah we have dog-owner conversations). So, not that bad at all.

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Aafke Mertens

Born and raised in Mexico City I moved to Amsterdam 7 years ago. Starting my own company and sharing my days with my dog and sketch book.

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