A surreptitious pee?

December 18th, 2015, 9am

I donned full winter layers and braved 19° F. temperatures to witness the Cornelia glide under the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Consider this cautionary tale the Cornelia brings to mind, fellows, if you think you can slip outside the bar in the alley and pee away a full bladder without being caught- think again. There are cameras everywhere!

After gracing the Lake at anchor just outside Duluth for the last 40 days, the Cornelia, a Saltie, headed down lake to reach the Welland Canal around Niagara Falls before it closes December 26. Once on Lake Erie she has until December 30 to clear the last set on locks on the Seaway in Montreal before they close. Then on to the Atlantic.

She has a few million dollars worth of wheat on board destined for Tunisia

Reports indicate the ship was detained at anchor while the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Minnesota, was investigating possible environmental crimes involving the unlawful discharge of oily water.

The Daily Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping News notes that multiple sources say the discharge could have happened ‘months ago on waters outside of the Great Lakes’. The investigating agencies have said little about the investigation except that it involve the discharge of oily water and it did not occur in the Port of Duluth.

Local scuttlebutt says the Cornelia was caught by an oil sheen on a satellite photo. Rumors also circulated that preliminary talks had begun concerning a winter lay up berth in the harbor for the Cornelia over the winter if the protracted negations concerning the future of the investigation did not reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Minnesota Public Radio reports the ship got a new captain from Crimea in the Ukraine.

Unlawful surreptitious discharge caught by camera: so fellows if you think you can slip outside the bar and pee away a full bladder without being caught - think again. There are cameras everywhere!

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Ken Jackson

An avid outdoors man. Retired and retiring, living on the shore of Lake Superior

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