My Parents Come To My Work

December 18th, 2012, 12pm

Today was one of my best teaching days in a long long time. I had my parents come to school to see me teach and I also had them teach a few lessons as well. My mom has seen me teach in Korea, but I never included her as part of the teaching. This time around I had both my mom and my dad here and I actually got them involved in the teaching. They listened to the P2 students read stories they have made. My father made sure their grammar and punctuation was done well.

They then went on a small tour of the village around my school. They went to one of the old mansions and an Ancestral Hall. The weather was really bad for walking around since it was cool and wet. They got a bit lost in the maze of the village around my school but I successfully guided them back to the school. I had them read to a bunch of kids for the English Corner, a time where kids play English games every Tuesday. My mom read to the P1 (Grade 1) students while my father read to a group of P2 & P3 (Grades 2 and 3) students. My mom really enjoyed it since she was doing the voices. I also had the home room teacher read with her so they were more comfortable. My father liked reading to his group but it was a bit more challenging since they were more active. I tried to help manage the kids but it was too much of a challenge.

After lunch they read to the P1 class. It was a bit chaotic and loud but the kids got a chance to read with one of the adults. I think it was a unique experience they will not have in a long time. I hope my parents come back again if only to read to the kids and listen to them. I know my mom liked it and I am sure my father did too. It was just a great day at school.

Christine, Adrian and David Wade said thanks.

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