Day 92 #100happydays: Shiny

August 24th, 2016, 10am

We have a really lovely rooftop garden at work, and I had intended to take a picture of it today, with all the flowers in bloom, and the tomatoes in fruit, but I got distracted by the neighbouring rooftop.

They have been doing work next door since we moved in, so over a year and a half ago, and perhaps longer. I kept meaning to take some pictures of the scaffolding, and when they were putting up new parts of the walls and building, but kept forgetting, and now it’s near completion. The photo is of the latest installation: shiny pipes (probably air conditioning pipes) which looked brilliantly luminous in the glorious London sunshine, and brilliant blue sky. I liked that it contrasted the old turrets and spires of the surrounding buildings.

And it’s a moment captured from my day. Nothing spectacular but elevated somewhat just by my posting it. And a moment to make the very ordinary and mundane extraordinary.

(I also think I miscalculated my days so I finish my #100happydays the day after Hi closes. Here’s hoping it stays open for a couple of days so I can finish and to archive my memories!) (nope, I didn’t miscalculate but I did get my dates wrong! I had two day 66s which caused the problem! I should finish on closing day!)

Adrian and David Wade said thanks.

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So-Shan Au

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