Pennybacker Bridge

November 17th, 2012, 1am

My girlfriend and I headed down to Texas over Thanksgiving to spend time with her family (she’s based in NYC). We took the opportunity to make a quick trip down to San Antonio and Austin.

I’d been meaning to go back to Austin for a while, having briefly visited in 2009 when running one of the Stackoverflow DevDays conferences for Joel Spolsky, so after an early dinner by the lake we decided to go and investigate the Pennybacker Bridge out towards Austin’s Hill Country. I was made aware of this particular spot by Trey Ratcliff, a photographer for whom I’ve a lot of respect and have been following for many years. We were rewarded with a wonderful view of the setting sun and the trails of the passing traffic on the bridge below.

I’ll definitely be spending more time in Austin on future trips, it’s one of those rare (at least for me)* places that makes you think ‘I could actually live here for a while’.

that’s not actually a negative thing! I love the majority of locations I visit but really don’t like to sit still – the thought of settling in most places just isn’t appealing.

Christine and Conor said thanks.

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Greg Annandale

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