Some places are pretty magical in the right conditions. Trakai Castle in Lithuania is one of those places.

May 5th, 2013, 1am

I spent two days at Lake Trakai in Lithuania and this was my first sunrise shoot here. Actually, it might have been my only one.

I was very surprised at just how calm the water was here, so I knew that the reflections had the potential to be pretty good. They turned out to be damn awesome! Thankfully the clouds co-operated and I ended up with this lovely pattern from them.

It started out completely clear with not a speck of a cloud in sight, then in the distance, this blanket of cloud came blowing over the area. It wasn’t massive, but I managed to time it right to get it directly above the castle. Thankfully the light also helped out.

I would have liked this to be more at sunrise, but I think the hues of the blue hour work quite well with the odd oranges of the castle. In fact, a fiery sunrise might have actually overwhelmed the scene and drowned the castle out.

Here is a little Instagram I took at the same time: Trakai Castle

Later that night, I borrowed a rusty lady’s bicycle from an old man and headed out into the darkness to take some star shots.

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