67 Guilford Street (Delightful Doorsteps #4)

December 4th, 2014, 9am

It was 11°C with broken clouds. The wind was light.

Oh dear!

Just along from the Celtic Hotel at number 61 Guilford Street is the rather derelict-looking number 67, formerly The Kingsway Hotel.

This certainly deserves a place in my Delightful Doorsteps series, although as you can see, it isn’t currently being treated very kindly at all by the builders who seem to have taken up residence here.

Judging by the style of the writing, I wonder if this design dates from the 1920s, and you would have thought that the people working on this part of the Georgian terrace would at least have had the courtesy and respect to cover this beautiful piece of history before starting the usual mess-making activities that not-very-good-quality builders tend to engage in these days.

Perhaps at some later date I’ll be able to get a picture of this doorstep in all its glory? I certainly hope so.

Shu, David Wade, Christine and Yiling said thanks.

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