The Musical Drug

June 21st, 2015, 1am

It was 10°C with few clouds. The breeze was light.


It is the one thing

That everyone loves,






It makes everyone feel,

Feel something.

Lyrics are never necessary,

Only desired, wanted, craved

Each note has a different role,

A different part to play,

In a larger more important story.

Each note has a sole.

Some soles more angry,

Some soft,

Some undecided.

The soles of the notes,

They are like a person’s sole.




Together though!

Together they create perfect harmony

The perfect relationship

The perfect drug.

The music is a drug

A thing to get drunk on,

To get high off of.

You can hear the way the pianist focuses.

Focuses all of her energy into creating her drug.

The clarinetist praying

Praying her drug is just as addicting.

Everything depends on the drug

When we can’t simply

Or simply can’t

The drug will

It will do the talking,

And we’ll let it,

The listener will know.

Because everyone is addicted to this drug.

Christine and Craig said thanks.

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Mariah Hillis

History buff living with chronic health problems. Lives life to the fullest, and dreams the biggest dreams, despite not being able to breathe in her sleep.

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