All alone.

August 26th, 2015, 7pm

It was 30.6°C. The breeze was light.

Circles, circles. I walk in circles around this rather big campus. No one ever said it was easy to make friends in a place where you don’t really know anyone. I mean, freshman year in college? Maybe you could sit next to another lonely person who’s also looking for someone to talk to. Maybe you could get to know someone from your classes and perhaps exchange numbers and meet up during your lunch breaks.

But no; even though you compel yourself to do all these things, you end up sitting in the brown section1 of the library with the company of your phone, food, and thirty minutes left before your next class begins. And who else says that you’re not worthy of friendship besides yourself?

  1. The area of the library where every person must remain silent 

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Hedaya Kelani

lover of arts. warrior. princess. poet. dreamer.

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