I could still remember the fragrance of last night imprinted deep in my memory

August 4th, 2015, 6pm

A normal day, a dinner with friend, a glass of old-fashioned under the shining light and darkness at a labyrinth twisted into a pirate ship with a strange name of Ironballs, and the turn of the event…that sprinkling rain and that chance taking away your old pink hairdryer from you because you did not want to take it with you. I held it tight, under the rain, running on the dark street with no one on. I did not encounter any strange persons in the corner, I only laughed, so hard…that I hurt my stomach. My night under the rain carrying a pink hairdryer; it could have been more fantasysque. It was not. I don’t bother.

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Tip Chai

I wander lonely as a cloud

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