Holidays in Germany

December 27th, 2013, 11am

Always nice to spend the festive days in a country with actual seasons, preferably winter. And short days and strange sun / cloud combos in the sky.

Things start on the 24th, Xmas eve, when shops close around lunch time and people get ready to go to church, which is followed with ‘Bescherung’, which means that kids can raid the presents under the tree (in many cases the living room, housing the tree, had been closed off for a few days, so that Santa could do his job of decorating and leaving presents) and then it is time for an elaborate dinner, which varies by region … often goose, but also called seafood platters are gobbled down (in the north).

Then come 25th and 26th, both official holidays and EVERYTHING is closed (ok, gas stations are allowed to be open), this is used to visit extended family and exchanging of even more gifts.

And then, 27th, is the first day that shops and malls are open again and those should be avoided since everyone is coming out now for a) returning gifts for store credit b) turning vouchers into gifts c) spend their money gifts d) relief from 2.5 days shopping withdrawal …

Cassie said thanks.

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