A trip down memory lane

July 9th, 2014, 11pm

It was 19°C with no clouds detected. The breeze was gentle.

After Christmas I mentioned that I had been given a model of Shakespeare Tower, one of the high-rise blocks on the Barbican Estate.

I grew up on this estate, and this week I’ve had an opportunity to return. I’ve been attending a conference at the Barbican Centre - the Evangelical Ministry Assembly - and this morning I was able to get there early enough to have a wander around to see what has changed.

The estate itself is listed, so cannot change, but not even one of the surrounding office blocks was the same! It was amazing to see how much new development has taken place in the 28 years since I moved away, although I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, as that’s actually quite a long time!

Below is the real Shakespeare Tower, viewed from the lakeside terrace in front of the Barbican Centre. My steel model is here, for comparison.


David Wade and Samuel said thanks.

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Adrian Tribe

A follower of Jesus Christ, a husband and father, a Kentish Man (not a Man of Kent), a commuter to London

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