This city doesn't even need a sunset to convince me of its beauty. All its grey and rainy days can't hide it.

October 30th, 2014, 4pm

It was 13°C with clouds and visibility OK. The wind was light.

This is Hamburg in November. Not bright and sunny and warm, how it is in the few days of summer that we get here. Not yet decorated with twinkling christmas lights, the air full of snowflakes that melt as soon as they touch the ground, how it is in December. It’s this grey season in between, that most people dislike. This grey and cold and moist air, that makes you want to get inside as soon as possible. But you forget this discomfort that some November days bring for a few seconds when you stand still for a moment and just enjoy the beauty of this place. Take it all in.

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Johanna Maria

Just another random human being. Maybe adventerous or brave. Maybe just naive.

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