The joy of seeing your bio mom for the first time, and the pain.

April 5th, 2016, 10pm

I held the phone in my hand, her voice coming in over the speakers in crackly silence. “Hello?” She asked. My voice wavered. “Hi, this is Elena.” I said, and she gasped. We hadn’t talked for ten years, in fact, the last time she heard my voice I could only wail and make gurbling sounds. We talked for what seemed like forever, but in reality, it was only two minutes. She was busy, she was busy then, busy now. To busy for her own daughter. “Are you in school?” She asked, and I scoffed. Of course I was. She was a high school drop-out, but I pro,I see myself years ago that I wouldn’t be. “Can I call you back?” She asked me, and I gave her my house phone. Did she call?


Did I want her to call?

I don’t know.

She still



David Wade said thanks.

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Elena Hazzard

I am a writer on Wattpad and. Storybird, under wiccan on Storybird, and w1ccan on Wattpad. I write many stories, and enjoy taking photos of flowers, and traveling as far as I can

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