Brooklyn Bowl Green Room

August 16th, 2014, 4pm

This is the view from the green room at Brooklyn Bowl. For all the acts they have coming through here, it’s one of the smallest we’ve been in. It was hot, too. We ended up getting ready/changing in the room at Wythe Hotel which meant going through the crowd, out and across the street, through the Wythe lobby and taking the elevator up 5 flights. There were 4 costume costume changes for Madonnathon.

This area of Williamsburg is hipster central and lots of fun. I know many that have animosity toward ‘hipsters’ but all-in-all I think they’re an attractive lot. Guys are stunningly thin and fit with great hair and most carry off the mandatory facial hair. I love their style. They are enjoying their moment. My day, I guess it was 80’s Prep. Or Punk. I just remember thinking how lucky it was I didn’t have to be a hippie because I thought they were truly an unattractive lot. I got away with a pair of 501s, high tops, ratty T and a thrift store shawl collar tux jacket with plastic baby dolls sewn coming out of the pocket, the sleeves rolled up. Days as an art student checking out Pearl Paint in search of new media and inspiration. Fiorucci was my store for inspiration, Canal Jeans for buying, Rizzoli in SoHo for falling in love.

Brooklyn Bowl is a bowling alley/restaurant/music venue all wrapped up in an ‘authentic’ Brooklyn atmosphere which I guess means industrial/green/repurposed loft-ish. The irony is that it is as corporately micro-managed as is a Disney property, down to the perfectly ever so subtly distressed corporate typeface appearing on everything. It seemed as if few were in on the joke. All the organic/green/repurposed chic you could want. What truly amazed me was the amount of 70’s and 80’s music being played everywhere. Classic rock to disco. I loved the variety and energy. Rarely do I wish to be in my 20’s again but I’d love to try it out for a few days in Williamsburg.

By the way, listening to ‘Leaving’ by the Pet Shop Boys off of their ‘Elysium’ album which is EXACTLY the swankishly-reflective mood in which I find myself (if that makes sense at all).

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Kinley Borden

Artist, writer. Currently a Pet Shop Boys playlist is the soundtrack to my life. I'm getting more into branding/logos and you can check that all out on my site:

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