Sky colours!

December 29th, 2013, 5pm

It had been a long week.

The storm blew in for Solstice, turning the longest night of the year into a wet icy one. The forecast said there was a 95% chance that the predicted amount of precipitation - freezing rain - would fall. Not many listened. It was the last weekend before Christmas; people were busy.

So when the storm came, few were prepared.

The days were supposed to get longer, and they did, for the wrong reason. Thousands spent the holiday without power while the hydro crews struggled over ice and tree-clogged streets to restore light and heat. High winds didn’t help over the next few days, nor did a fresh snowfall.

But finally the sun broke through. The city warmed and thawed, just a little, just long enough to restore a bit of hope in the teeth of a long December.

And then the sun set, leaving colour in the sky.

David Wade said thanks.

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Shay Darrach

Fictionalizing life for 30-odd years.

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