Complex relationship with Fire Exit

August 8th, 2015, 8pm

It was 30°C with few clouds. The breeze was gentle.


Evening with Marsala Tea,Inhaling the breeze of a Saturday evening,Gazing at the dancing coconut trees amidst the literally most tree-concentrated area on the side of Thonglor train, Dancing with the soft kiss of spices and fresh air, Sunbathing in the last golden rays of the day, Spying on a neighbors’ houses and windows, Laughing at a black and a white dogs far away, Stumbling on a naked smoker on the floor below, Wandering in thoughts…Smiling at one’s own silhouette-before remembering to hang the wet clothes

Night: Armed the night with a cup of strangely carbonated lemonade mixed with Ouzo, Seeping a self into the flavor of anise and a prime view of the street, Following every little flashing red lights on the the tall buildings of the city wondering if a plane would still crash them, Counting the numbers of the red LEDs hopelessly and forgetting any numbers after ten, Admiring all the ugly tall buildings with funny lighting, Spying (again) on the neighbors wondering what people are doing behind the lit doors and windows, Being amazed with the black mass of the treetops and the birds that still flies in the night sky, Accounting tales of strange encounters and dreams, Smiling at the blank black sky with no stars-before remembering that a human should at least sleep.

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