Pink Dot Hong Kong

June 15th, 2014, 4pm

I packed for rain but got heat. I wore my pink shirt proudly but was a bit worried I would get drenched from the tropical storm coming towards Hong Kong but luckily enough, it bypassed us. It is Pink Dot Hong Kong Day here.

Pink Dot is an outdoor festival and picnic filled with music, booths, and wonderful people. The day is both for members of the LGBT and ‘straight’ communities to bound together and support the freedom to love. It started in Singapore as a non-profit movement to show all people, regardless of sexual orientation, are free to love and to be love.

Coming out of the Admiralty MTR station I was struck by the sea of pink shirts walking towards Tamar Park, the lawn in front of the Legislative Buildings. Pink is the colour as it is the blending of the red and white Hong Kong flag. Everyone is encouraged to wear pink. I waited for my love, and we walked to the park following others. People were walking hand in hand, some where kissing, some were with families, others were single, and everyone was happy. The weather was hot and sticky and I was a pool of sweat for most of the afternoon.

Along the sides of the park were booths set up for face painting, information, bouncy rooms for the kids as well as food and drink. The middle of the field were the people setting out blankets for a picnic. The main stage had music, dancing and some small talks.

The whole event was success with an estimated 8,500 Hong Konger’s attending. I left with my love happy but hot.

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