There’s nothing like walking the streets of a big city.

May 18th, 2015, 11am

It was 16.7°C with overcast. The breeze was light.

I wonder if it’s the tall buildings, the long streets, the hundreds of strangers that walk next to you, or the never-ending atmosphere of novelty. Or maybe it’s some kind of residual energy people & events leave behind (if you’re into that sort of things). Whatever it is, it’s almost palpable, and it’s something that keeps drawing me to big cities, like London or New York.

It’s definitely stronger on sunny days, perhaps because instead of being distracted cursing the bad weather you’re actually focused on the warmth you feel on your face. Walking through the sunbathed veins of big cities always filled me up with joy. It’s almost as if I could see my life in front of me, and going through it was as easy as taking a few steps forward. I can see opportunities unraveling right before my eyes, at an arm’s reach, ready to be seized if I see it fit. I can choose to ignore them or not; if I keep going towards the horizon more opportunities will follow. I believe this simple metaphor helps me fighting the ever-present fear of missing out; there’s always something more, and unfortunately you can’t do everything or be everywhere.

So just relax, put a friendly smile on your face, and keep walking forward. Try to enjoy the sun while it lasts, I’m sure you’ll come across some more unbelievable opportunities, uncanny places, and unforgettable people.

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Gonçalo Morais

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